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KVH CG-5100

Versatile, Highly Accurate COTS IMU

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Výrobce: KVH
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The versatile, commercial CG-5100 IMU combines proprietary technologies – highly accurate KVH FOGs coupled with industry proven MEMS accelerometers – all within a compact single enclosure, providing reliability and long-term compliance to customer specifications. KVH’s CG-5100 is a low drift, solid state, FOG-based commercial solution ideally suited for critical sensing applications and GPS-integrated navigation programs. This strap-down inertial subsystem offers:

  • Outstanding reliability and accurate 6-degrees-of-freedom measurement
  • Excellent performance from proprietary algorithms to a fully digital gyro sensor output
  • Convenient, easy-to-adapt output in a fully digital RS-232/RS-422 format


  • Measures roll, pitch, and yaw angular rates and accelerations
  • Excellent shock and vibration performance
  • Long life and flexible interfacing
  • Affordable, compact design
  • Designed to meet commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) requirements
  • Ideal for antenna/optical/camera stabilization, GPS augmentation, drilling, and more

Exclusive Technology

DSP Technology

KVH’s DSP electronics improve FOG performance in critical areas such as scale factor and bias vs. temperature, scale factor linearity, and maximum input rate. KVH’s exclusive DSP design overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.


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