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WebMonitor Senceive

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The FlatMesh™ WebMonitor is an easy-to-use, web-based data access system which provides Senceive’s customers with a highly user friendly tool for the management of FlatMesh™ monitoring infrastructure that has been deployed in the field.


Key benefits

  • Customisable site images / site maps for display of overlaid sensor data
  • Storage of sampled data and images, with easy data export in CSV format
  • Configurable multiple trigger levels and SMS and/or Email alerts
  • Aggregate node calculations allow for derivation of a single value from multiple sensor values and site/ node specific parameters
  • Report Templates allow very quick and easy generation of CSV files for the same groups of sensor locations and types over multiple time periods
  • User access controlled on a site-by-site basis, reducing the number of accounts each user requires
  • No special client software required – just a web browser
  • No per-seat licensing
  • Bespoke branding of FlatMesh WebMonitor user interface is available for your company


FlatMesh Web Monitor runs on a high performance Microsoft Windows-based server.
A number of Windows services run in the background to perform tasks such as:

  • accept incoming connections from GPRS Gateways in the field
  • maintain connections to USB Gateways which may be directly attached to a PC acting as a server
  • pass messages between services
  • process the incoming data and perform any required configured data conversions or calculations
  • send out any required alert messages via SMS or email
  • periodic exports of data to client FTP servers for third party system integration

The core of the system is a Microsoft SQL Server database. It stores all data samples and diagnostic information for all sites.

The web front end is built on Microsoft ASP.NET which retrieves all relevant information from the database and generates reports at the user’s request.


Senceive hosts the data for all remote systems in the field on their dedicated servers. All servers for customer deployments are housed in a secure third party data centre in the UK which has engineers on site 24/7. The operating company has multiple sites in the UK for disaster recovery and multiple Tier 1 network carriers, with no single point of failure between their data centres.

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