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Autopilot ComNav 1420

Výrobce: ComNav
Kód produktu: 1000109
Expedice: 8 dní

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47.190,00 (10%)

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Autopilot 1420 je jednoduchý pro ovládání

• Clip mounted allowing both fixed and hand held operation
• Suitable for small to mid-sized vessels
• Capable of operating on most standard types of steering systems
• Waterproof Control Head
• Automatic yaw, sea state and trim
• Output for optional analog rudder angle indicator, up to 4 stations
• Easy course changes, from one degree to major changes, with the push
of a button
• “Nav” mode accepts NMEA 0183 information
• One NMEA 0183 Heading Output (HDM & HDG)
• Built-in diagnostics and self test plus visual and audible alarms
• Reliable in any sea and weather condition
• Easy to install and fully compatible with your onboard instruments
• Fourteen selectable steering parameters for both Fast and Slow Modes
• Extended 3 year warranty
• Meets CE requirments

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